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October 2009-March 2010

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10 October-22 November 2009

Forest Tunes: The Library


Founder and Director of the Israeli Forum for Ecological Art, Shai Zakai showed an installation based on 14 years work. The ‘Library’ was a collection of up-cycled boxes containing organic material – leaves, twigs and seeds – from 19 countries. Accompanied by stories and photographs, they recorded evidence of the imprint of humankind on the environment. Engaging our senses of touch, smell, sight and sound simultaneously, the collection highlighted the daily effects of global warming set in motion by human beings, e.g. the loss of biodiversity, deforestation and human indifference.

Introduction panels to the exhibition

General view of Forest Tunes exhibition. Photo Chris Lewis.

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A section of the exhibition included contributions by local artists and environmentalists, who each created a black box containing organic material inspired by personal memories of a particular natural environment.



  • 4 October: Photo workshop with Shai Zakai. Transition Town Totnes Arts Group
  • 11 October: Launch/talk
  • 12 October: Lecture by Shai Zakai. University College Falmouth
  • 14 October: Lecture by Shai Zakai. University of Plymouth
  • 16 October/20 November: Schools tour of three arts venues
  • 18 October: Workshop The Brown Hare Project
  • 22 October: Teachers’ training day
  • 29 October: Family workshop; Big Draw event accompanied the exhibition and included charcoal making and drawing items from the boxes of the ‘Library’ of Forest Tunes
  • 7/8 November: Performance workshop with propeller
Family workshop during Forest Tunes. Photo Chris Lewis.

28 November-10 January 2010

Open Studio: The Evergreen Project


The Project Space was transformed into a welcoming and festive workshop space, designed by Kim Nettleton-Croley. Community groups, children and young people explored cultural/folk symbols and meanings related to the winter festivals and the evergreen. Every week a different artist explored themes; from seasonal tree-dressing to crafting symbolic gifts. Christmas gifts included books, jewellery and ceramics by SW graduates.

Introduction panel The Evergreen Project

The Evergreen Project workshop. Photo Chris Lewis.

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16 January-28 March 2010

Art, Ecology and the Economy


Art, Ecology and the Economy involved a developmental collaboration between two leading organisations involved in the creative arts, operating on either side of Dartmoor; CCANW and the Duchy Square Centre for Creativity in the centre of Princetown.

Introduction panel

Launch of Art, Ecology and the Economy exhibition at Haldon. Photo Chris Lewis.

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The project took the form of an exhibition in two parts, displayed simultaneously, and four forums. Its aim was to demonstrate how environmentally friendly approaches to manufacture and collaboration can help the creative industries become more profitable. In turn, they showed how profitable creative industries impact on other important regional industries, particularly tourism, by providing products and services that enhance local distinctiveness.

Examples of work and case studies focused on the Greater Dartmoor area, but also on predominately rural areas in the UK and abroad including Europe and Africa. Some artists – this included designers and makers of all kinds – were invited to exhibit and others were chosen from an open submission. The aim of the exhibition and its associated forums was to encourage creative work which addressed ecological concerns and which had the potential to be developed into viable and successful ‘green’ businesses.

A second part of the exhibition and two forums were held at the Duchy Square Centre for Creativity in Princetown. The forum on Wool Culture continued as an ongoing project during the next exhibition programme which focused on fashion and textiles. A total of four Wool Culture events were presented and included the making of an online Wool Directory platform enabling wool producers to link with wool users, such as craftspeople and knitters.

Exhibition at Duchy Square Centre for Creativity, Princetown. Photo Clive Adams.

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  • 28 January: Forum Wood Culture
  • 11 February: Forum Wool Culture. Duchy Square Centre, Princetown
  • 25 February: Forum Water Culture
  • 18 March: Forum Establishing Cultures. Duchy Square Centre, Princetown
  • 20 February: Animation/music Max Hattler meets Duskk-live!

3 April-23 May

Eco Shelter project and exhibition

At the end of the summer term 2008, ten third year students from Plymouth School of Architecture had undertaken a project at Haldon, leading to proposals for an Eco Shelter.

Following critical guidance from CCANW Trustee Adrian Gale, architect David Sheppard and the Head of the School, the students developed designs for an Eco Shelter (a outdoor covered teaching space) at Haldon and their models were now exhibited in our Project Space.

General view of Eco Shelter exhibition. Photo Chris Lewis.

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Largely because of a lack of funding, none of the student proposals were executed but a Neo-Geo Dome education space was finally designed by Mike Gardner and erected in the spring of 2012, only to be sold and dismantled the following year when CCANW was forced to leave Haldon.

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