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From his time as a Commissioner of the Kwangju Biennale in 1995, Clive already had a significant involvement with the arts in South Korea. His contact with the Yatoo group of artists led to the Global Nomadic Art Project and Science Walden Project at Dartington, both of which were largely delivered by Richard Povall.

Image: Clive and Richard meet with Yatoo artists and KEI at Dartington, July 2016. Photo Martyn Windsor.

The first idea to bear fruit originated from Clive’s long-term contact with the Yatoo group of artists in South Korea. Yatoo had initiated a project called the Global Nomadic Art Project which they had already successfully delivered in several countries including India, South Africa and Iran and were keen to work with a partner in the UK.

An application was made for £4,988 to the Arts Council/British Council under the Artists International Development Fund (AIDF); because the scheme was for artists, Richard was the applicant and, having succeeded, the grant was administered through his business account. A first meeting was held with two artists from Yatoo, Ko Seung-hyun and Wongil Jeon together with Shin Yong-seung from the Korea Environment Institute (KEI), at Dartington in July 2016. Ko and Wongil went on with Clive for a meeting at the Korean Cultural Centre in London and gave a talk and workshop at Stroud Valleys Artspace.

The next phase of the project developed as a result of a trip to Korea in August 2016 by Clive and Martyn, funded by AIDF, to attend the opening of Yatoo’s Geumgang Nature Art Biennale to which we had proposed two British based artists to participate: Carmen Lamberti and Oliver Raymond-Barker. Martyn conducted interviews and took photographs which were send back to Richard to feed into the Biennale catalogue.

Carmen Lamberti at work during the Biennale. Photo Martyn Windsor.

Clive travelled on with Ko and Wongil for a meeting at the Korea Environment Institute (KEI) where a Memorandum of Understanding was agreed between CCANW, the Korean Nature Artists’ Association (Yatoo) and KEI; this covered a number of cooperative activities.

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding. Photo Martyn Windsor

The trip continued to Ulsan National Institute of Art and Technology (UNIST) for a meeting with Professor Jaewon Cho, who led the Science Walden Project (SWP), a major initiative funded by the Korean Ministry of Science, whose first phase was soon to be completed. Clive made a presentation on the work of CCANW and discussions were begun on how collaboration might take place over SWP during the second phase in 2017.

Clive meets Professor Cho during the first phase of the Science Waldon Project. Photo Martyn Windsor.
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