Soil Culture

Forum and funding 2013-14

In early 2013 Falmouth University, with CCANW as a partner, was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) grant of £27,650 for a 14 month period beginning in March to enable research into the Soil Culture programme.

The main initiative was a Soil Culture Forum at Falmouth University held 2-5 July 2014. The Forum attracted over 90 participant artists, writers and environmentalists and comprised talks, workshops, presentations, performances, films, games, dinners and a trip. It is comprehensively documented in the Soil Culture publication pp.95-117 and in a video produced by Bryony Stokes.

Participants and displays in the Forum. Photos Martyn Windsor

Video by Bryony Stokes

Participants in a workshop during the Forum. Photo Martyn Windsor.
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Young Shoots residencies and funding 2013-15

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