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April-September 2009

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10 April-31 May 2009

Peter Randall-Page: Natural Selection


The sculptor, Peter Randall-Page is noted for his stone carving and fascination with natural form; most recently, with the complex relationship between geometry and biology.

Introduction panels including details of Seed

General view of Peter Randall-Page exhibition. Photo Chris Lewis.

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As a prelude to Peter’s major exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (27 June 2009-early 2010), CCANW focussed on work permanently sited in the West Country; specifically, the remarkable sequence of sculptures and a garden created in the Teign Valley 1990-96 and Seed, a massive granite carving commissioned for the Eden Project in 2003. The exhibition included drawings, prints, maquettes, bronzes and films as well as photographs by Chris Chapman.

One of Marcus Vergette’s Time and Tide bells was displayed outside our Project Space from 10 April 2009 until the end of March 2010. Other bells were installed at coastal locations in the UK, which sounded at high tide as a reminder of rising sea levels.

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Studio visit to Peter Randall-Page. Photo Clive Adams.

6-28 June 2009

Ecopoetics: Skylines


Ecopoetics is the study of the ways that creative writing can address ecological issues. Historically associated with Romantic and pastoral poetry, this investigation now extends further into new realms such as urban environments and digital technologies.

General view of Skylines exhibition. Photo Chris Lewis.

Skylines featured work by 15 poets, including Sean Bonney, Allen Fisher, Cynthia Hogue, Redell Olsen, Maggie O’Sullivan and Alice Oswald and was curated by Devon-based poet, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett.


  • 20 June: The Skylines Festival; forum, workshop, screening, music, poetry
  • 21 June: Words in the Woods animation workshop
  • June: Visit of Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter
Elizabeth-Jane Burnett reading. Photo Clive Adams.

4 July-4 October 2009

Reflections on Water


Water is both essential to life and the great symbol of life, and this is reflected in both ancient mythology and contemporary ritual. As a substance, its composition, states, and cycle – now threatened by climate change – has fascinated many artists, from Leonardo to Hockney.

General view of Reflections on Water exhibition. Photo Chris Lewis.

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Our summer exhibition Reflections on Water brought together the ‘reflections’ of four contemporary artists: the large-scale photographs of Canadian artist Marlene Creates, two Devon-based artists, Susan Derges and Vikky Minette, and the work of Slovenia and US-based filmmaker Andrej Zdravic.



Spacex tepee at Art in the Park. Photo Chris Lewis.
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