Haldon Programmes

July-September 2006

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10 June-16 July

Forest Dreaming part 2


Artists in part two included Tabatha Andrews, Susan Derges, Jan Dunning, Trevor Felcey, Daro Montag, Michael Porter, Martin Prothero, Peter Randall-Page.

Guided tour of Forest Dreaming part 2. Photo Chris Lewis.



  • 17 June: Talk by Chris Park of Harris McMillan architects
  • 24 June: Talk by artist Peter Randall-Page
  • 27 June: Talk by author Michelle Paver
  • 8 July: Workshops with Vanland
  • 9 July: Event on acoustic ecology and forum with Tony Whitehead
  • 16 July: Tango in the forest
  • 16 July: Talk by author John K.Grande
  • 25 July: Visit by artist Alan Sonfist
Michelle Paver speaking in front of painting by Michael Porter. Photo Chris Lewis.

22 July-28 August

Forest Dreaming part 3


Artists in part three included Virginia Bodman, Mat Chivers, Chris Drury, Ori Gersht, Alice Maher, Garry Fabian Miller, Jane Mowat and James Ursell.

General view of Forest Dreaming part 3. Photo Chris Lewis.


Heike Rindt residency

29 July-13 August. Heike Rindt was a Berlin-based architect and designer. During her residency at Haldon, Heike worked with a number of local artists and members of the public to create an alternative trail for walkers. The trace the place chase led visitors – with the aid of text-based clues – through a series of altered spaces in the forest.


Part of Heike’s trail. Photo Chris Lewis.


Fire making workshop with Martin Prothero. Photo Chris Lewis.


2 September-8 October

Forest Dreaming part 4


The fourth part of this exhibition series was entirely given over to local Teignbridge artists and overlapped with Teignbridge’s Nine Days of Art during which over 90 Teignbridge artists opened their studios to the public.


At Haldon, local artists working across a wide range of media created new work in the forest and Project Space. Over the weekend 2-3 September they were joined by a number of other invited artists and they together facilitated a family weekend of making artworks.

Activities and work included in Forest Dreaming part 4. Photos Chris Lewis.

  • 2 September: Film/live music Green (Un)Pleasant Land
  • 3 September: Walk with Wrights & Sites
  • 24 September: Workshop with artist Martin Prothero
  • 1 October: Storytelling with Spindle Wayfarer
Screening of The Wicker Man (1973) with live music. Photo Chris Lewis.
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