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October 2012-March 2013

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6 October 2012-10 February 2013

Games People Play: Round 2

In this year of the London Olympics and Paralympics, Games People Play explored what games can tell us about human nature.


This second part focused on contemporary photography and video by 16 important international artists who used sporting imagery to make wider comments on the human condition. Here, we see explorations of territorial control and attachment to a team, fascination with spectacle and the culture of competition.

Introduction panel by Northbank

Strangely, no general photographs of the exhibition can be traced, but works by the following were exhibited:

Photographs by Stefan Banz, Bleda y Rosa, Nicolai Howalt, Hans van der Meer, Martin Parr, Newsha Tavakolian.

Videos by Gustavo Artigas, Joseph DeLappe, Harun Farocki, Cao Fei, Julie Henry, Monika Oechsler, Caitlin Parker, Axel Stockburger, Spencer Tunick, Nives Widauer were also screened.

We also focused on the new generation of video games such as Free Rice and Phone Story which turned away from wasteful escapism to address real social and environmental challenges.


Commission of Neo-Geo Dome

During the spring, a 7.3m diameter outdoor covered education space was made and launched on 7 October. Made of local Larch and Sweet Chestnut by Woodmanship and Albion Canvas, the Forestry Commission paid £5,000 towards the cost which totalled £13,579. On leaving Haldon, the Commission asked us to remove the Dome and it was sold to Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Cornwall for £10,000.

Gemma Baal inside the completed Neo-Geo Dome. Photo Chris Lewis.

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Martin Parr speaking at Exeter Phoenix. Photo Chris Lewis
Martin Parr speaking at Exeter Phoenix. Photo Chris Lewis.

16 February-3 March

Exhibition: TeamXtreme

The Project Space became a teen-friendly space for playing games, hanging out and bookable activities around text and story-play; part of Exeter’s literature festival of writing for and by young people.

9-21 March

Exhibition and Fundraiser: Anonymous Art Draw

This was intended to raise funds to support future Soil Culture artist residencies. It was postponed and took place after we had moved to the Innovation Centre.

CCANW vacated the Project Space on 25 March 2013, leaving the panels of Haldon’s Hidden Heritage on display; these were then given to the Trust running Haldon Belvedere. The panels comprising the exhibitions Timber Talent South West, Wood Wisdom and Inspiring Futures were sold for a nominal sum to the Silvanus Trust.

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