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January-March 2007

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6 January-23 February

Forest Dreaming part 7


Artists included Mark Edwards, Michael Garton, Anna Keleher, Sandra Masterson, Heidi Morstang and Mike Smallcombe.

General view of Forest Dreaming part 7. Photo Chris Lewis.

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  • 23 January: Films including Landscape and Memory
  • 28 January: Storytelling with Spindle Wayfarer
  • 20 February: Collage workshops with artist Anna Keleher
  • 21-22 February: Poetry workshops
  • 23 February: Film/live music Animated Exeter – Futureshock
  • 24 February: Animation workshop with Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
  • 27 February: Talk by artist Ben Taffinder
Film/live music Animated Exeter – Futureshock. Photo Chris Lewis.

3 March-29 April

Forest Dreaming part 8


This part was curated by Chris Lewis and devoted to Jamie McCullough’s Beginner’s Way. Chris also took new photographs of the path as it existed then.

General view of Forest Dreaming part 8. Photo Chris Lewis.

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In 1980, artist Jamie McCullough started to make a path of around a mile and a quarter through Haldon Forest. He called it Beginner’s Way and for over two years he built 22 sculpted places or features, conceived as a symbolic journey reflecting on the process of creation.

Jamie stipulated that the existence of the path was not reported, that it was not signposted or marked on any map. News travelled by word of mouth and through hand-drawn maps on the back of old envelopes and the path was soon attracting over a thousand visitors a week. Over the years, sheer weight of numbers destroyed many works in the sequence, others became unsafe and had to be removed.

Sadly, Jamie died in 1998 but our exhibition showed original sketches, photographs, writings and correspondence that gave a unique insight into the evolution of this important sequence of works, and placed it within the context of work created by Jamie for other places. I still retain the fullest documentation of Jamie’s work and am keen to donate this to an appropriate home.



Music with Tynder – Chris Lewis on bass guitar – and Kayagum. Photo Clive Adams.
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