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Copies of CCANW programmes and many other articles are attached in links throughout Chapters of the Online Archive.


When Tillage begins, other Arts follow

Contemporary Life. Essay by Clive Adams from ‘Love, Labour & Loss: 300 years of British Livestock Farming in Art’, exhibition catalogue, published by Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle, 2002. ISBN 0-907852-10-6.


Fat Cats and Poodles

On the history and symbolism of animals in art and society. Essay by Clive Adams in ‘Tooth & Claw’, exhibition catalogue, published by Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, 2003.

Images were added to this essay at a later date in order to give a presentation, possibly around 2009 during ‘The Animal Gaze’ programme. Enquire at Devon Archives.


Interpreting the World

How contemporary artists are translating and transforming their environment. Article by Clive Adams in Resurgence magazine, number 237, July/August 2006.


Wood works wonders

Article by Milica Lewis on CCANW’s ‘Wood Culture’ programme in Art in Devon magazine, issue 9, summer 2007.

Wood Culture

Article by CCANW in brochure of the ‘Building with Wood’ conference at the University of Exeter, September 2007.


On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine

Article by Johanna Korndorfer on engaging young people with climate change at CCANW, published in engage Journal issue 21, Art and Climate Change, spring 2008.

Artistic Licence

A review by Dave Pritchard of the Forestry Commission’s involvements in the arts, and options for the future, 2008.


Quarried from Nature

Article by Jenny Pery on Peter Randall-Page exhibition in Devon Life magazine, spring 2009.

Reflections on Water

Article by Clive Adams on CCANW exhibition in WEM The Environment magazine, volume 14 number 6, June 2009.

Art, Ecology and Economy

Article by Chris Lewis on CCANW exhibition in Dartmoor magazine, issue 97, winter 2009.


Fabric of Dreams

Article by Clare Blake on CCANW exhibition ‘Fashion Footprints’ in Exeter Living magazine, August 2010.

Fashion Footprints

Article by Alexandra Richards on CCANW exhibition in Devon Life magazine, September 2010.

Natural Horizons

A review by Dave Pritchard of the partnership at Haldon Forest Park between the Forestry Commission and the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, November 2010.

Towards sustainability in the clothing industry

Article by Lorna Howarth on CCANW’s ‘Fashion Footprints’ exhibition, published in Resurgence, number 263, November/December 2010.


Games People Play

Re-thinking Human Nature through Co-creativity. Article by Clive Adams first published in engage 29: Art and the Olympics, spring 2012, London. ISSN 1365-9383.

Above article also published in Resurgence and WEM magazines, July/August 2012.


Soil Culture

Article by Clive Adams published in Green World magazine, issue 79: Arts and Ecology special, winter 2013.


Bringing the arts down to earth

Article by Clive Adams on CCANW’s ‘Soil Culture’ project in Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, issue 289, March/April 2015.

Putting Culture back into the Soil

Article by Clive Adams on ‘Soil Culture’ in The Environment magazine, April 2015.

Soil Culture at create

Article by Touchstone Collaborations on ‘Exhibitions, Soil Saturdays and Food Happenings’ at the Create centre, Bristol, in Star & Farrow, issue 123, July 2015.

Bringing the Arts down to Earth

Article by Clive Adams on ‘Soil Culture’ in the Journal of the European Society for Soil Conversation, newsletter 2/November 2015.

Curating the Convivial

Article by Clive Adams and Touchstone Collaborations on ‘Soil Saturdays’ at the Create centre, Bristol, in the GeoHumanities Journal, 2015.


Life after ‘Soil Culture’

Article by Clive Adams in the Interalia online magazine, April 2017.

All abroad the Antarctic Biennale in Venice

Article by Clive Adams in the Interalia online magazine, July 2017.

Museums raise the bar on the water debate

Article by Bill Hinchberger in Waterfront magazine published by the Stockholm International Water Institute, number 4, November 2017.


Bridging the Gap

Article by Clive Adams published in The Environment magazine, May 2018.

Ahmad Nadalian

A selection of Environmental and Social Art. Introduction by Clive Adams to a book on the work of the Iranian artist. Published in English and Persian by the Paradise Art Center, Tehran, summer 2018. ISBN 978-622-00-0809-5.


Stilspraak: Strijdom van der Merwe en Landkuns

Foreword by Clive Adams to a book on South African artist published in Afrikaans, Africa Sun Media, 2020.


All presentations were by Clive Adams. Texts of presentations which exist electronically have been linked below. Texts of some other presentations, some of which are annotated, only exist on paper and are held by Devon Archives. These are marked *.

All presentations were originally accompanied by PowerPoint images, some of which have been lost. PowerPoint images which still exist have not been included online to avoid any future possible copyright infringement. If it is important to see these images for personal research they may enquire at the Devon Archives. These are marked **.


Art, Culture, Nature, Heritage

Presentation at Spacex, Exeter, March 2001. *


Nature and I are Two

Presentation at Seale-Hayne College, agricultural college, Devon (closed 2005) 2003. *

Eco Arts

Presentation at Connective Aesthetics Methodologies Colloquium, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, June 2003.*


Nature and I are Two

Bicton College, East Budleigh, Devon, December 2004. *


Nature and I are Two: Reconnecting People with the Planet

Presentation at Nature and Environment lecture series organised by RANE at University College Falmouth, March 2005. **



Presentation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield, July 2006. *


Nature and I are Two: Reconnecting People with the Planet

Cambridge (venue uncertain) Nov 2007. *


Fat Cats and Poodles

PowerPoint presentation during ‘The Animal Gaze’ programme, 2008. See original article 2003. **



Presentation at Stroud Valleys Artspace, Stroud, February 2012 **


On the nature of Nature and Art

Presentation at the Yatoo ‘Nature Art’ Curators Conference in Gungji, Korea, October 2013. **


On the Nature of Soil Culture

Presentation at ‘The Art of Nature’ conference organised by UNESCO UK MAB Urban Forum Arts Group held at Greenpeace London, February 2014. **


Presentation at Plymouth College of Art, March 2014. **

Four not-so-easy Lessons in Partnership Working

Presentation for Tate Plus at Mostyn Art Gallery, Llandudno, Wales, June 2014. **


Bringing the Arts Down to Earth

Presentation at Yatoo, Gungji, Korea, 2015. *


Sculpting Nature

Presentation at Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea, August 2016. **

Beyond the Borders of Disciplines

Presentation at a session of the International Biennial Association conference, Shanghai, September 2016. **

Sculpting Nature: LandArt, EcoArt and BioArt

Keynote presentation at the Sculpture Network XIV International Forum, Antwerp, Belgium, September 2016. **

Multi-disciplinarity as the New Paradigm

Presentation at the ‘Festival for the Earth’ at Ca’Foscari University of Venice organised by the artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra, November 2016. **

Sculpting Nature

Presentation at Institute of Visual Arts, Esterházy Károly University, Eger, Hungary, December. 2016.


Water Culture

Presentation at International Workshop on Global Network of Water Museums, organised by UNESCO, Venice, May 2017. **

CCANW Associates

Presentation at meeting of Associates, Dartington, October 2017. **


Arts Seminar

Introduction at meeting of Global Network of Water Museums, Netherlands, May 2018. **

Reflections on Water

Presentation at Global Nomadic Art Project – UK, Dartington, June 2018.


Nature to the Power of Art

Presentation at Bath School of Art and Design, March 2019.

Global Network of Water Museums

Presentation on CCANW’s work with WAMU-Net at ‘Water Rising’ conference organised by GroundWork gallery, King’s Lynn, May 2019. **

Nature to the Power of Art

Presentation at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, June 2019. *


Soil Culture

Film by Bryony Stokes on the Forum at Falmouth University (7.26 mins), 2014.

Soil Culture: Young Shoots

Film by Zoe Young on the Residency programme (29.48 mins), 2015.

Soil Saturdays

Film produced by Joanne Barker on Touchstone Collaborations residency with the Blue Finger Alliance in Bristol and ‘Soil Saturdays’ at the Create centre. (7.16 mins), 2015.

CCANW and Associate Publications

Dendros: Horizons of Change

Artist book by Dave Pritchard, published by University College Falmouth, 2006.
ISBN 0-9544187-2-7. Copies from Clive Adams.

Inspiring Futures

European Timber Architecture for the 21st Century. Exhibition catalogue with essays by Oliver Lowenstein and Juliet Bidgood, published by CCANW, Exeter, 2007. ISBN 978-0-9556483-0-4. Copies from Clive Adams.

PEPing it up…

A grounded guide to embedding public engagement practice for academic and community partners, supported by a University of Exeter Catalyst project Seed Fund award, published by CCANW, Exeter, January 2015. Copies from Clive Adams.

Soil Culture

Bringing the Arts down to Earth, published by CCANW in association with Falmouth Art Gallery and in partnership with Gaia Project Press, Totnes, Devon, 2015. ISBN 978-0-9932192-1-4. Copies from Clive Adams or Richard Povall.

Soil Culture: Education Pack

Published by Peninsula Arts with Plymouth University, Plymouth, 2015.

Global Nomadic Art Project-UK 2018

The Ephemeral River, managed by art.earth, published by YATOO in Korean and English, 2018. ISBN 978-89-93531-28-2. Copies from Richard Povall.

Evolving the Forest

A book based around the international conference at Dartington, published by art.earth, Devon, 2020. ISBN 978-0-9957196-3-7. Copies from Richard Povall.

Honey Money

fSM – new money for a new society. Professor Jaeweon Cho on the Science Walden project, published by art.earth, Devon, 2020. Copies from Richard Povall.

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