Following the withdrawal from the Dunsland Project, a new Steering Group led by East Devon District Council (EDDC) met in November 1998 and was responsible for conducting the Development Study for Poltimore.

On 15 January 2001 CCANW was established as a Charity (1092019) and Private Limited Company (4141506) and was henceforth responsible for making Capital Grant Applications to Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund over the project at Poltimore.

Trustees were appointed because they were considered to have the experience and skills necessary to ensure the Charity achieved its objects. Together, they had a background in local authority/legal matters, education, environmental design, landscape photography, curatorship and architecture. Initially, the Trustees met monthly, then from 2005/6 they met four times a year, around 2-3 weeks after the end of each quarter to monitor budgets. Seven Trustees were appointed in 2001 when CCANW planned to become established at Poltimore, with an eighth added in 2003.

A first meeting of the Trustees chaired by Peter Young was held on 17 January 2001. Ceri Johnston attended from SWA and was to remain our Case Officer until our dissolution in 2020. Yvonne Robinson became our ACE Case Officer for the capital project but did not attend meetings. From the start of 2002 representatives from SWA or ACE did not attend meetings.

  • Peter Young (Chairman 15 January 2001–3 July 2012, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Jeremy Southam (appointed 15 January 2001, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Pippa Warin (appointed 15 January 2001, retired 21 November 2008)
  • Kauser Ahmed (appointed 15 January 2001, retired June 2002)
  • Adrian Gale (appointed 15 January 2001, retired 30 April 2009)
  • Gary Goodwin (appointed 15 January 2001, retired 25 June 2002)
  • Elizabeth Knowles (appointed 15 January 2001, retired 14 June 2007)
  • Phil Collins (appointed 10 July 2003, retired 10 September 2013)

Peter Young

Peter Young was a retired solicitor and Board Member of South West Arts 1998-2003. As a former Chief Executive of Teignbridge District Council he was heavily involved in the development of its arts service. Also, the restoration of the derelict grade one Forde House in Newton Abbot and the subsequent building of modern offices in the grounds which needed Royal Fine Art Commission approval.

Jem Southam

Jem Southam was a landscape photographer, shortlisted in 2001 for the Citibank Award, and taught at the School of Arts and Design, University of Plymouth. His work had been exhibited and published widely and was in important public collections.

Pippa Warin

Pippa Warin trained as a drama teacher and worked in community arts. She was Head of Region for The Community Fund (now BIG Lottery) and founder Chair of Devon Arts in Schools Initiative (DAISI). She then moved to Government Office SW as Head of Culture and Executive Director of Culture SW.

Kauser Ahmed

Kauser Ahmed trained as a solicitor, and was a teacher of history and Islamic culture, a community worker, and Director of the Playlines Trust. She contributed the opinion of someone from a different cultural perspective.

Adrian Gale

Adrian Gale was a studio assistant to Mies van der Rohe and Head of the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture 1997-99. He played a huge part in the development of architectural plans for Poltimore House, and both the conversion of our Project Space at Haldon and our Wood Culture programme.

Gary Goodwin

Gary Goodwin was an artist who suffered from a disabling illness which only allowed him to be a Trustee for a short time. He contributed the opinion of someone with regards to access issues.

Elizabeth Knowles

Elizabeth Knowles was a curator and Director of Newlyn Art Gallery, the expansion of which – together with the conversion of the old telephone exchange in Penzance into The Exchange – was completed in 2007.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins was Area Manager of Devon for Natural England. He was previously a partner in an environmental design consultancy specialising in sustainable landscape and building design and historic building restoration and originally Keeper of Natural Sciences at St Albans Museum.

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