From 2005, core staff were employed on yearly renewable contracts tied to the length of the programme year, others on a freelance basis. Our Project Space at Haldon was open to the public 10am-5pm (closed 4pm November-February), Tuesdays to Sundays and all Bank Holidays.

Core staffing

A week was allowed for the changing of exhibitions, during which time some parts were closed but the bookshop remained open. In order to work and invigilate the building, the days that staff were paid to work varied between three and four days a week. They sometimes worked in unpaid voluntary capacities and were supported by volunteers.

I was confirmed as CCANW’s Director from 15 January 2001, having initiated and developed the project since 1995. During my time of developing the project, I curated the exhibition Love, Labour and Loss: 300 Years of British Livestock Farming in Art in the aftermath of the foot-and-mouth epidemic for showings in Carlisle and Exeter 2002/3; this was an important influence in my initiating the Soil Culture programme. Two other major exhibitions were curated for The Lowry, one of which The Impossible View? won the Museums and Heritage Award for best UK temporary exhibition of 2003.

Dr Chris Lewis

Dr Chris Lewis was appointed our Project Coordinator in 2005, prior to the conversion of CCANW’s Project Space at Haldon, and there had been 42 applications for the post. Whilst his work involved all aspects of fundraising and publicity, he also developed a popular programme of live music and innovative cross artform events that made the most of CCANW’s unique position at Haldon. During his eight years of employment, his multi-faceted role changed into that of Finance, Marketing and Development Manager (2009), then Marketing and Business Manager (2011-13). In 2011 Chris was invited to St James Palace by HRH the Prince of Wales (now King Charles III), in recognition of CCANW’s successful application to the Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Johanna Korndorfer

Johanna Korndorfer was appointed our Education/Community Coordinator in June 2006, having experience of developing projects in the arts, environmental play and Steiner education. During her time at CCANW, she delivered hundreds of workshops and gallery talks for schools, families and groups and became a member of Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education where she participated in numerous research programmes exploring the role of galleries in education. Her role developed into that of Learning and Development Manager (2011-13), reflecting her grant-writing duties which supported CCANW’s audience development.

Gemma Baal

Gemma Baal was appointed an Administrative Assistant in July 2010, joining us under the Future Jobs Fund, then becoming Centre Manager when Alison Crowther left the post of Finance Officer in the same year. Gemma became a member of the Association for Accounting Technicians and completed her Level 3 AAT qualification in 2013. Her employment continued at reduced hours at the Innovation Centre from March 2013 and she became Secretary to the Trustees of the new Community Interest Company from 4 September 2013 to 19 December 2014, when she left.

Freelance staff

Rob Shaw of Northbank in Bath worked for CCANW 2000-13, initially in a voluntary capacity during the Poltimore era. He was responsible for the design and production of all printed programmes and the huge number of exhibition panels. We have him to thank for establishing a distinctive house style and consistent high quality of design.

The artist Rolfe Mooney took over in 2006 as our Technician from Simon Roscoe. At Haldon, he successfully installed all of our exhibitions, the most challenging being those of Greenhouse Britain and David Nash. He also worked with Martyn Windsor on exhibitions at the Innovation Centre and the Soil Culture: Young Shoots tour. Both Rolfe and Martyn continued to assist CCANW, including making the move to Dartington.

Natacha Du Pont De Bie worked as our Press Officer during 2011/12.

An independent evaluator was employed from time to time, otherwise evaluation was conducted by staff.

Sally Lai was the Residency Coordinator between November 2013 and August 2015 for Soil Culture: Young Shoots.

Martyn Windsor worked from January 2014 as a part-time Curator on different exhibitions during our time at the Innovation Centre, including Soil Culture, to the time we moved to Dartington.

Kay Walker took over as Finance Officer from Gemma Baal and was Secretary to the Trustees from 23 January 2015 to 20 January 2016.

People and Structures report 2008

Trustee and future Chairman Tristram Besterman was committed to supporting professional development in the staff, in order to facilitate creativity and to assess impact of activity suitably aligned to the organisation’s goals. He worked to establish a training and appraisal plan for staff and also led on the People and structures: building a sustainable organisation report (2008). The report reviewed human resource management based on personal interviews, which noted inter alia the impressive commitment of staff to the purposes and values of CCANW. Issues around accountability, professional development and impact measures were also identified as concerns to be addressed.

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