Seven Trustees were appointed in 2001 when the Charity was originally established, then another in 2003 when CCANW planned to become established at Poltimore. When that plan was abandoned in 2004, the Trustees passed a resolution to delete reference to Poltimore from its constitution which then continued as a Charity until it became a Community Interest Company in 2013.

Additional Trustees appointed at Haldon

  • Charlotte Rathbone (appointed 18 January 2007, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Tristram Besterman (appointed 17 July 2008, Chairman from 3 July 2012, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Rick Bond (appointed 21 July 2009, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Dave Pritchard (appointed 21 July 2009, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Emma Rothwell (appointed 15 October 2009, retired 10 September 2013)
  • Henrietta Vercoe (appointed 19 April 2012, retired 10 September 2013)
  • William Lana (appointed 19 April 2012, retired 10 September 2013)

Charlotte Rathbone

Charlotte Rathbone was a Principal of Rathbone Partnership, a landscape architectural practice based in Modbury. She studied geography at Cambridge and landscape design at Sheffield and was a member of the Landscape Institute. In addition to many projects in the region, she worked on parks in Hong Kong and land reclamation.

Tristram Besterman

Tristram Besterman had a career in UK museums spanning more than forty years, culminating in the directorship of the Manchester Museum. He has written extensively on museum ethics and the relational museum and has championed the values around the repatriation of cultural material to remedy the continuing sense of dispossession of the colonial period. From the 1990s, he put many of these ideas into practice in the Manchester Museum, whose spaces and values were re-engineered to challenge orthodoxy and open up new forms of dialogue with both source and diaspora communities, rooted in a philosophy of ‘cultural equity’.

Rick Bond

Rick Bond was the Director of The Complete Works (UK) Ltd, a cultural consultancy specialising in facilitating management insights, solutions and learning for arts and cultural organisations. Prior to this, he managed the North Devon Theatre Trust, The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton and Beaford Arts in North Devon. He gave valuable fundraising advice at two day-long sessions and, together with Dave Pritchard, led on two Visioning Days with staff (2009 and 2010).

Dave Pritchard

Dave Pritchard was a consultant in international environmental policy and the arts, with long experience of the UN system, and was a board member of several governmental and non-governmental organisations. He chaired the Arts and Environment Network. Dave wrote Natural Horizons (2010) which reported on the relationship between us and the Forestry Commission; previously, he had written Artistic Licence (2008), a general report on the Forestry Commission’s involvement with the arts. (See Appendix).

Emma Rothwell

Emma Rothwell was a recent graduate in building surveying and the environment. Her particular interests included sustainability and environmental building aesthetics.

Henrietta Vercoe

Henrietta Vercoe was a music teacher at the local Doddiscombsleigh primary school which had a strong interest in the arts and helped create collaboration with us whilst based at Haldon.

William Lana

William Lana was a businessman who worked in the City and on Wall Street in the 1980s and for the Commission of the EU in Brussels in the 1990s. He co-founded and was the CEO of the organic textile company Greenfibres. He sat on a number of the boards of organisations aimed at finding environmental and social solutions to the challenges and opportunities we currently face.

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