Haldon Fundraising History 2005-2013

Other Funding

The largest non-ACE grant that CCANW received was £89,144 in 2006/7 from South West Woodland Renaissance (SWWR), a scheme largely funded by the South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA) which helped fund our Wood Culture programme 2007-9 and covered a period of five exhibitions. RDAs were abolished by the UK Government in 2012.

In 2005/6 CCANW received grant aid of £52,991 from the LEADER+ programme (from the European Union and DEFRA) which supported the conversion of our Project Space and first year programme. We also received a further £8,000 from Teignbridge Rural Regeneration Partnership towards the establishment of our Project Space.

Another European Union/SWRDA scheme, distributed through Greater Dartmoor Local Enterprise Action Fund (LEAF), supported two of CCANW’s 2010 exhibitions, Art, Ecology and the Economy (£10,420) and Fashion Footprints (£14,500), and the Wool Directory project in 2011 (£5,100).

CCANW also accessed grants from the Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund for its programmes in 2005 (£7,707), 2008 (£1,000), 2009 (£1,400), 2011 (£4,000) and 2012 (£1,950). We seemed to be in a good position to focus on rural regeneration and sustainability, enabling us to draw upon funds otherwise difficult to access by other arts organisations.

In 2007/8, we secured £1,500 funding from the Environment Agency. In 2009/10, £3,000 from the British Council towards the Forest Tunes exhibition, and £500 from Exeter City Council towards Art in the Park.

The failure of our application to ACE to fund the complete Soil Culture programme in 2013-14, meant that we were forced to withdraw a stage two application (we had already passed stage one) for £25,000 to the DEFRA RDPE Rural Economy Grant.

Academic and educational funding

Between 2007-12, CCANW received five awards totalling £7,594 from the Engage programme (through Spacex).

Between 2007-10, two grants totalling £925 were received from Flying Start. In 2007/8, £300 came from the University of Plymouth, in 2009/10 £8,800 came from the Ernest Cook Trust for educational activities and between 2010-13 two grants totalling £3,480 came from the University of Exeter. Between 2009-12, we received two grants totalling £4,820 from the Forest Education Initiative.

Trusts and Foundations

Between 2007-12 we received three grants totalling £7,250 from the Henry C. Hoare Charitable Trust. In 2009/10, one came from the Self Heal Association for £5,000. In 2010/11 one for £2,000 from the Roger and Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust. In 2011/12, one for £500 from the Norman Family Trust.

Between 2011-13, we received two grants from the Jerwood Charitable Foundation totalling £15,270. In 2011/12, one for £5,000 from the Henry Moore Foundation towards the David Nash exhibition and £4,800 from the Prince’s Countryside Fund to support the Wool Directory. In 2012/13, one for £1,925 came from the Silvanus Trust, and one for £2,000 from the Exeter Foundation.

The failure of our application to ACE to fund the complete Soil Culture programme in 2013-14, meant that we were forced to withdraw a stage two application (we had passed the first stage) for £30,000 to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Each year, CCANW also made a number of time-consuming but ultimately unsuccessful applications to other trusts and foundations.

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