Haldon Fundraising History 2005-2013

Local Authority Support

Teignbridge District Council

One of the factors that commended Haldon as a base for CCANW was that Teignbridge District Council (TDC) had a good record of support for the arts. Indeed, through them, CCANW was able to access funds from Teignbridge Rural Regeneration Partnership that contributed to the costs of converting its Project Space.

Direct grants from TDC supported some of our early programmes (£500 in 2006/7, £250 in 2007/8). Unfortunately, since 2008, support for the arts from TDC appears to have become a low priority. In 2011 we secured small contributions (£50-£100) from Teignbridge District Councillors’ locality budgets.

Devon County Council

Since 1995 Devon Country Council (DCC) had taken a keen interest in CCANW. It had awarded us grants in 2006 (£1,900), 2007 (£4,350), 2008 (£7,000), 2009 (£10,000) and 2010 (£5,000) towards specific activities.

Since then, Government funding cuts to local authorities meant that DCC had been unable to promise any further funding to the arts. However, in 2010/11 we were able to secure small contributions ranging from £50-£500 from individual County Councillors from their locality budgets, and £400 from the Devon Arts in Schools scheme.

In 2011 we applied to the new Devon Arts Match scheme which offered match funding to selected organisations for specific increases of between £1,250-£5,000 in regular donations from 2012-14. This succeeded, but it has been difficult to analyse the amounts involved which most likely appear in our accounts split between income from DCC and donations.

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