Soil Culture Residencies

Something & Son

at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


Working from a soil kitchen-come-lab in the Princess of Wales Conservatory 27 April- 6 May, Something & Son will explore what soil really is by attempting to make it artificially from scratch. They will copy and accelerate the complex systems that take place in nature, using hacked together machines. Part genuine experiment, part satire, the artists are prepared to fail in their attempt to create a substance so complex that we’re only beginning to understand it.

An Audience with Something & Son, Kew
Join intimate 45 minute sessions where you’ll see and hear about the artists’ explorations into the world of soil.  Each session will be reveal something new as they learn more about soil over three days at Kew. Daily, 2-3pm, 2-4 May. Location: Film room in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Normal admission charges apply.

Compost Tea Bar, Victoria & Albert Museum, V&A Museum, London. Mixed media, 3 x 2 x 2.5 metres


Something & Son is a London based practice founded by Andrew Merritt and Paul Smyth. Our work is rooted in a inquisitiveness and experimentation and reflects our varied backgrounds and shared passion for art, engineering, social systems, and the environment.  We like to create popular, provocative and witty work that tackles the social and environmental challenges of our time. A keenness to collaborate has led us to work alongside swift experts, mushroom men, scrapyard merchants, farmers, horticulturalists, scientists and sociologists.  Recent lectures, talks and workshop have included the Serpentine Gallery, Kunst-Werke (Berlin), the Science Museum Dana Centre, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (Zurich), Institute of Contemporary Art, the Barbican, SALT (Istanbul) and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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