Art-Science hothouse residency: Tasting the change

Saturday November 9 to Thursday November 14 2019

In November 2019 CCANW and Science Walden will host an Art-Science hothouse residency, a week of experimentation and conversation about working across disciplines for a very small number of participants. The focus is on how we can respond intelligently to the challenges of the climate emergency through creative projects or practice. We are interpreting ‘Art-Science’ very loosely: ‘scientists’ in this context means anyone with a knowledge who is not an artist (and therefore may include philosophers, historians, mathematicians, etc.): we explore how knowledges are shared, exploited and enhanced through collaboration.

Immediately following the hothouse (Friday, November 15) we will host a public one-day symposium (‘Emergency Response Time’) with the hothouse teams and other invited presenters.

We are looking for established teams who wish to spend some concentrated time together. We will however also consider proposals from teams or couples who have not worked together given a strong enough rationale for the grouping. There are no national restrictions on the makeup of teams (but please bear in mind that we have a limited overall travel budget and we won’t necessarily be able to cover all costs if every team member). The primary language however is English.

The residency begins late afternoon on Saturday November 9, and finishes at 4pm on Thursday November 14, with the public symposium event taking place on Friday November 15 that you would be expected to attend.

Each team will receive an honorarium of £800 plus room and board and a travel allowance.

As part of the residency you will be asked to keep audio diaries and will also be ‘interviewed’ in conversation. This will form the basis of a publication afterwards.

We ask that the application be led by the artist in the team but we will need to see evidence of a strong collaborative ethos and an emergent practice.

Applications are open now with a deadline of midnight on Sunday, September 8.

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