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Veronica Sekules is Director of GroundWork Gallery, a new space in King’s Lynn in Norfolk, specialising in contemporary art and environment, opened in 2015.  After a founding career in the environment movement, a cookery writer and a curator, she became Head of Education & Research and Deputy Director for the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the  University of East Anglia, where she was responsible for developing and managing learning and research programmes, educational events and conferences, artists’ projects and residencies, outreach and training with students, schools, teachers and the public. She has worked extensively on international educational programmes and consultancies in many countries. She trained as an art historian, has an MA in education and is an active educational researcher and writer specialising in the Middle Ages and 20th-century art, and is widely published in these areas. She has been chair of judges for the international Children in Museums Award 2015-2017, formerly co-editor of World Art Journal, and has a book on Cultures of the Countryside, Art, Museum, Heritage and Environment 1970-2015, in the press.

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6th September 2017


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    Hello Veronica, my name is Andy Manning, I am a local artist and I work with natural materials and found objects, to produce figurative and abstract Sculpture, installation and workshops. As I explore the human condition, consciousness and our interact with the environment, I attempt to unveil the invisible, to show the extra ordinary in ordinary and experience the unexpected. I communicate the possibility, opportunity and necessity, to observe, become present and interact creatively, rather thank destructively, with the immediate miracle of being alive on this amazing little planet.
    I have been involved with an artists collective, producing public sculpture, workshops and private commissions for 15 years and since realizing, as an armature artist working in conservation ecology, that I needed a positive way to communicate about these important areas, I have worked and learned alongside two experienced, professional artists. I now feel ready, equipped and informed to share what I have learned with a wider audience and I am assured that you are the very best person to speak to about how to make that happen. I would, very much, appreciate your thoughts on what I have in mind.

    • admin

      Hello Andy. I’m the website administrator and letting you know that I’ve forwarded your message to Veronica. She is however away for a month or two while the gallery is closed for winter season.

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