Elizabeth Ogilvie

Elizabeth is a Visual Artist with over 30 years of designing and managing major funded projects and awards, [Lottery Funds, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of England etc.] their budgets, exhibition, commissions, public engagement, ongoing monitoring, implementation and evaluation.

Ogilvie is one of the most significant artists of her generation in Scotland with a compelling vision and strong track record in realizing projects of scale and critical public engagement. The success of Bodies of Water lies with Ogilvie’s commitment to her audience enabling them to interact with, experience/explore one of our most precious natural resources. Through series of installations viewer is offered opportunity to share in Ogilvie’s experience of sensorial engagement within environment. The effect of the work is then to affect. Bodies of Water/Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Elizabeth Ogilvie is an environmental artist creating experiences for her public. Her practice is a fusion of art architecture and science and water and ice are currently both medium and subject in the work. The experiential installations aim to expand perception/understanding of how our environment functions. Her work seeks to point to issues at top of globalagenda involving highlighting world’s most challenging problems, impact of climate change, threat to one of our most precious natural resources, most vital of all earthly compounds, water/ice, whose ebb/flow over time has helped form world we live in. She aims to create an experience of seeing, drawing people in through senses

The projects are conceived in time, designed to enrich everyday lives and at the same time highlighting one of the world’s most challenging problems. Ogilvie exhibits large-scale solo projects internationally. She has been working on the project Out of Ice for several years, conducting field research and collaborating with residents in northwest Greenland with a key output, the exhibition recently at P3, London, Contemporary Art space Osaka, Japan

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4th September 2018