Ela Spalding

Ela Spalding
b. 1982 Panama/UK

Artist, curator and self-taught ecologist with a background in visual and performing arts. Always passionate about the ways in which humans relate with the natural and built environment, and concerned for the massive changes the planet and humanity are facing, her work focuses on creating and facilitating connections between people, ideas, ecosystems and disciplines. She is founder and creative director of Estudio Nuboso, a platform for art and ecology in Panama and the world, through which she designs formats for knowledge exchange such as: Suelo – based around the multiple values and associations of soil and place; and the Art and Science LAB which offers time and space for artists and scientists to work together to bring socially relevant research to broader audiences. She shares her time between Panama and Berlin.

Website: www.estudionuboso.org


Posted on

6th September 2017

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