The Ephemeral River

The Ephemeral River (dancing, speaking, singing, laughing)

A Global Nomadic Art Project

The UK Global Nomadic Art Project takes place in the UK from June 9 to June 18, 2018.

GNAP UK takes place entirely within the spectacular 1200-acre estate at Dartington Hall; it marks the launch of CCANW’s new Art+Science programme, a new three-year long programme of exhibitions and activities which reflects our growing engagement with transdisciplinary and international working and in particular our newly-formed research relationship with the Science Walden project at Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology in the Korean Republic.

GNAP UK has a particular focus on river systems, and is followed by an international symposium Liquidscapes at Dartington from June 20-22 2018. As its name suggests, the River Dart wraps around and provides a focal point within the Dartington estate – the river will become a site for exploration and interrogation by artists and other invited specialists with expertise in river systems and water ecologies.

The event involves fifteen artists and scientists, with approximately five from Korea, five from the UK and five from elsewhere. We will welcome a number of guest artists and thinkers who will join the group for a day or two.

Ephemerality – literally and metaphorically – forms the philosophical core of GNAP UK 2018. Rivers are by their very nature ephemeral, constantly moving, replenishing, and changing the landscapes they immerse. We want to explore what it means to embrace an ephemeral practice and how this relates to our relationship with the planet we inhabit.

Our intention is to create a more focussed context in which to provide opportunities for artists and other experts from a wide range of cultures to collaborate and experiment with ideas around a particular theme.

The event is produced for us by partner who bring their particular expertise in producing learning projects, on the Dartington estate in particular.

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